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Subject: Rich Data Products Webinar ... Register Now

Learn how to turn your existing content assets into new revenue streams.  Register for Innodata Isogen’s rich data products webinar, which will offer first-hand demonstrations on how companies are transforming articles and other types of editorial content into componentized assets, the building blocks for rich data products:


Case Studies: Enriching Your Content to Achieve Rich Data Success
(Co-presented by Innodata Isogen and ClearForest)

This session will combine industry success stories with an in-depth demonstration of the ClearForest technology solution for automating the data enrichment and deep tagging process.

Date: Thursday, March 10, 2005
Time: 12:00 EST, 9:00AM PST, 17:00 GMT


To register for today’s webinar, visit the rich data products resources page on our Web site http://www.innodata-isogen.com/resources/rich_data_products/rdp_webinars?dref=OASIS


For more information on rich data products, you can also read our white paper – Rich Data Products… Five Steps for Building New and Self-Sustaining Revenue Streams. In addition to describing how companies are using contextualized data to create the building blocks for rich data products, this white paper also examines the challenges facing publishers, media and information services companies, reviews how many companies are already using rich data products to create new revenue streams and outlines five steps for exploiting and implementing rich data products.


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