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Subject: Three Costly SPL Mistakes

Does your organization have the right mindset to turn the FDA's mandate to convert labeling documents to XML into an opportunity to realize cost savings and greater efficiencies? 

Are you aware of the pitfalls that often plague companies that deploy new content management systems? 

Have you decided on the right mix of internal or external resources to meet the FDA requirements? 

The answers to these questions may help your organization turn SPL compliance into a competitive advantage.  To learn more, enroll in our "Road to SPL Compliance" webinars, which will be held on April 6th and April 13th.  

The webinars will offer a business-minded approach on how to maximize your investment in SPL migration, and include real-life labeling case studies from pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.
To register for the webinars, click here: 

You can also visit our SPL resource library, which contains our latest white paper "Turn SPL into a Business Advantage... Three Pitfalls to Avoid on the Road to SPL Compliance" as well as other relevant material.  

Thank you, 
Innodata Isogen


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