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Subject: BEA/DataPower Partnership Secures and Accelerates Web Services


DataPower's Wirespeed XML-Aware Network Devices with BEA WebLogic
Simplify Web Services Deployments with Easy-to-Use Security and XML
Transformation Offload

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - April 4, 2004 -  DataPower(r), the leading provider
of XML-aware network devices, today announced that it has joined the
growing list of companies in BEA Systems'(Nasdaq: BEAS) Partner Program,
and will combine DataPower's wirespeed XML-aware hardware
(www.datapower.com/products/index.html) with BEA's enterprise
infrastructure software leadership to ensure that enterprises can deploy
powerful Web Services applications without authorization and audit
concerns or XML performance bottlenecks. 

The DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway(tm) and DataPower XA35 XML
Accelerator(tm) guarantee unmatched security, performance and
manageability for XML-based applications and service-oriented
architectures (SOAs) built using industry leading application servers
now including BEA WebLogic. DataPower delivers hardened,
government-grade security and wirespeed performance for XML firewalling,
XDoS protection, SOAP filtering, WS-Security, access control, and XML
schema validation, which protects enterprises that are implementing
application servers which are otherwise vulnerable to a growing number
of XML security threats.   

"With the strongest ecosystem of technology partnerships, DataPower
leads the industry in providing solutions that integrate seamlessly into
the existing infrastructure while delivering comprehensive security and
wire-speed performance," said Eugene Kuznetsov, Chairman and CTO of
DataPower. "DataPower's partnership with BEA combines the most advanced
XML Web service performance and security technology with BEA's powerful
and robust SOA application infrastructure."
The XA35 XML Accelerator and XS40 XML Security Gateway are members of
DataPower's XML-aware networking product family, which include:
*	the XA35 XML Accelerator (www.datapower.com/products/xa35.html)
*	the XS40 XML Security Gateway
*	the XI50 XML Integration Appliance
(www.datapower.com/products/xi50.html) and 
*	the XG4 XML Chipset (www.datapower.com/solutions/xg4.html) for

The XA35 XML Accelerator offloads resource-intensive XML processing
tasks from application servers and offers comprehensive support for new
versions of standards such as XML, XML Schema (XSD), Web services, XPath
and XSLT.  The XS40 is purpose-built by some of the world's top XML and
security experts to secure XML Web Services transactions and designed to
help enterprises overcome the two critical barriers for deploying XML
Web services: security risks and performance bottlenecks. The XS40 is a
true network hardware device that serves as a secure XML Web services
proxy and access policy enforcement point in front of the application

About DataPower
DataPower provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patented XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers
the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that
provide immediate return on technology investments while streamlining
application deployments.  Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held
and based in Cambridge, MA.  For more information about DataPower,
please contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com

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