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Chicago, IL, April 11, 2005 --- SarvegaT, Inc., the leader in XML
networking solutions, announced today the technology editors of CMP
Media LLC's Network Computing have selected Sarvega's XML Firewall, the
XML GuardianT Gateway, as a finalist for the 11th Annual Well-Connected
Awards.  The Well-Connected Awards honor the year's outstanding network
technology products and services.  The award finalists are chosen by
Network Computing's technology editors after in-depth analysis and
product testing in their labs over the course of the previous year.
These awards represent the very best networking products and services
the technology industry has to offer.

"We are honored to be selected as a finalist for the prestigious
Well-Connected Award in the XML Firewall category," said Peggy Weigle,
Senior Vice President and COO of Sarvega. "This selection recognizes the
XML Guardian Gateway's leading edge capabilities for securing XML Web
Services transactions with superior performance and reliability. Network
Computing is known for the extensive, independent product testing and
evaluations they do across key product functions such as security,
management, ease of use, and performance. This is yet another validation
of why Sarvega has been selected by enterprises and governments world
wide to secure large scale, mission critical Web Services applications."

"For the 11th year in a row, Network Computing will be recognizing the
most outstanding tech products and services in the networking and IT
world in our Well-Connected award 4/28 issue," says Mike Lee, editor of
Network Computing magazine.  "The awards are a snapshot in time, the
best of what we evaluated over 12 months in our Real-World LabsR - more
than 134 finalists in more than 44 categories have been named. The
winners will be announced in our 4/28 issue."

The Sarvega XML Guardian Gateway combines industry leading security,
performance, and ease of use to deliver comprehensive XML Firewall and
Web Services protection to enterprises and governments world wide. It is
a high performance XML Web Services security solution built from the
ground-up with a "Security DNA" to provide complete standards-compliant
Web Services security and sophisticated XML intrusion protection
capability to mission-critical XML Web Services deployments. The XML
Guardian Gateway provides complete AAA trust assurance, message
integrity and confidentiality with on-board secure digital forensics. 

Powered by Sarvega's wire-speed, portable and flexible XESOST
technology, the XML Guardian Gateway includes sophisticated protection
mechanisms for a range of XML attack patterns and anomalies including
coercive parsing, password guessing threats, SQL code injection, dirty
word filtering, external entity protection and XML security
vulnerabilities. With its powerful multi-layered Denial of Service (DoS)
protection mechanism, the Sarvega XML Guardian Gateway offers the most
comprehensive security against XML Web Services threats and
vulnerabilities. It is the first XML Web Services security solution that
offers device and service virtualization and enables each security
policy action to dynamically associate security properties based on
real-time traffic.  The XML Guardian Gateway also includes ebXML, SAML
Token support, SOAP with Attachments, MIME Attachments, and SMTP
transport support to its robust feature set to deliver a Web Services
security solution that can support enterprises' different application

Sarvega's XML Firewall also provides cryptographic security including
FIPS 140-2 security, DES, 3DES, AES, RSA-v1.5, RSA-OAEP, PKCS#1, PKCS#7,
PKCS#*, PKCS#12, hardware-based private key storage, transport layer
security, and certificate and key management as part of its extensive
list of XML Web Services security features. 

Sarvega's XESOS software is the only wire-speed XML Web Services
technology that does not need any custom hardware or accelerator cards
to deliver market-leading performance. Independent testing* has proven
that the XML Guardian Gateway can perform XML Signatures verification or
encryption at over 1,700 transactions per second and support validation
throughput at up to Gigabit levels.

The Sarvega Command Center software, included with the XML Guardian
Gateway, provides a simple visual drag-and-drop mechanism for security
policy configuration, testing, and deployment on one or many XML
Guardian Gateway appliances.  The Sarvega Command Center provides an
open, extensible and interoperable platform that can be easily extended
and integrated into applications security management environments. Its
dashboard of pre-built security policy actions includes support for
raw-XML and ebXML security, local and delegated Authentication,
Authorization and Access Control (AAA), logging and auditing, and XML
threat mitigation.

About Network Computing
For IT, By IT, Network Computing (http://www.networkcomputing.com),
published by CMP Media LLC, Manhasset, N.Y., is dedicated to providing
critical analysis of technologies, vendors and products to 220,000 IT
Managers and Staff who are accountable for strategic technology purchase
decisions.  In 2003, Network Computing won a total of four awards from
the American Society of Business Publications Editors (ASBPE), including
a national award in the Best Technical Article category.

About Sarvega
Sarvega, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of XML networking products,
providing enterprises with unprecedented security, performance, and ease
of operation for XML Web Services. Sarvega's underlying technology, the
XML Event Stream Operating System (XESOST, Patent Pending), combines
comprehensive XML security and XML routing functionality with wirespeed
performance, non-stop availability, and hardware platform independence.
Sarvega's XML networking products are available both as secure network
appliances and on multiple third party blade alternatives. Sarvega
introduced the industry's first wirespeed XML appliance, the first XML
content router, and the first XML grid computing solution. Sarvega's
worldwide customer base includes governments and leading companies in
Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Media and Entertainment.
Sarvega is the recipient of numerous technology awards for innovation,
including Computerworld's Innovative Technology Award and CMP Media's
COMET Award. For details, please visit www.sarvega.com, send email to
info@sarvega.com, or call 630- 627-3131.

*CMP Independent Testing Services, December, 2004 (www.nwctests.com).
# # #

Sarvega, XML Context Router, XML Guardian, XML Speedway, XML
EventStream, XESOS, and Context Console are trademarks of Sarvega, Inc.
All other names are trademarks of their respective companies. 

Press Contact:

	Kit Goldfarb for Sarvega
	 KG Communications
       (703) 465-7990
	(703) 405-1670 (Mobile)

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