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Subject: DataPower Brings Application-oriented Networking to Government Sector; Ends Free Loaner Program

Growth in Number of Funded Government Programs Ends the Need for Free
Equipment Loans; DataPower Establishes Washington, DC Office 

CAMBRIDGE, MASS, April 11, 2005 - DataPower(r), the original creator and
leading provider of intelligent application-oriented networking hardware
for securing, routing and optimizing message-level networks, announced a
series of changes associated with its ongoing expansion in the
government market. For over 5 years DataPower has been successfully
implementing XML acceleration and Web Services security solutions and
has numerous customers in both state and federal government, including
multiple US Department of Defense agencies, Veterans Affairs
Administration, and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. To meet
growing demand for its XML-aware networking hardware, DataPower has
opened a permanent office in the DC area staffed with technical and
sales personnel. With the government sector's shift to fully funded
production projects, DataPower is discontinuing the free equipment
loaner component of its Government Web Services Security Immersion
Program launched in 2003. (See: DataPower Offers Government Agencies a
No cost, No Obligation XML Web Services Security Immersion Program).

"DataPower's Government Program has been very popular and a great
success in bringing Web services security best practices to our nation's
public sector. Over the past two years, we have seen most government
agencies move from XML pilot projects to major, fully funded SOA
initiatives, so we really don't need to loan out equipment anymore,"
said Bret Hartman, VP Technology Solutions, DataPower. "Military and
civilian agencies are now building out message networks at Internet
scale, purchasing DataPower hardware to provide content-based message
routing and federated identity management. The new DC office will help
support these growing deployments."

DataPower's message-level network devices are especially well suited to
government applications:
*	Broadly deployed in production networks by both public sector
and private sector customers over the past 5 years
*	Certified by DoD's Jointed Interoperability Test Command (JITC)
(See: Department of Defense Certifies DataPower XS40 XML Security
*	In evaluation for Common Criteria EAL4 (See: DataPower First Web
Service Security Vendor to Undergo Common Criteria "EAL4 Assurance
Level" Evaluation)
*	Validated at two GSA-sponsored SAML Interop events (See:
DataPower XS40 Hardware Validated for Federated Identity and XML Web
Services Security at SAML Interoperability Lab at RSA 2005)
*	Deliver robust ebXML capabilities (See: DataPower Certified
"Interoperable" with Cyclone Commerce For Providing Secure ebXML and
High-Performance B2B Networks)
*	Fit within Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
*	Supported by new DC-area office and leading government
integrators such as SAIC (See: DataPower Broadens Its XML Networking for
Government Initiative with SAIC Reseller Agreement), BAE Systems, Booz
Allen and Northrop Grumman 

DataPower's product line includes the award-winning DataPower XA35 XML
Accelerator(tm) (www.datapower.com/products/xa35.html) for wirespeed XML
transformation and processing, the DataPower XS40 XML Security
Gateway(tm) (www.datapower.com/products/xs40.html) for government-grade
message-level security and the DataPower XI50 XML Integration
Appliance(tm) (www.datapower.com/products/xi50.html) for bridging legacy
message formats to XML web services. Of special interest to government
customers, the XS40 XML Security Gateway is based on open standards and
is purpose-built by some of the world's top XML and security experts to
secure XML Web Services transactions and to manage federated trust
across domains. The XS40 is a true network hardware device that serves
as a secure XML Web services proxy and access policy enforcement point
in front of potentially vulnerable application servers. Additionally,
the XS40 delivers hardened security and wirespeed performance using
sophisticated, patented algorithms for XML firewall, XDoS protection;
SOAP filtering; access control; XML schema validation; field-level
digital signatures and XML encryption (including WS-Security); XML
routing; service virtualization; and offers an award-winning,
easy-to-use GUI.

About DataPower 
DataPower provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patented XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers
the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that
provide immediate return on technology investments while streamlining
application deployments. Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held
and based in Cambridge, MA. For more information about DataPower
Technology, please contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

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