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Subject: OASIS Member News: Sarvega Becomes First Web Services Security Company to Commit to Ongoing Independent Product Assurance Program

Sarvega Becomes First Web Services Security Company to Commit to Ongoing
Independent Product Assurance Program

Newest Version of Sarvega XML Guardian Gateway is First Web Services
Product Validated by Independent Security Assurance Testing in New
Program Offered by iSEC Partners


Chicago, IL, April 26, 2005 – Sarvega™, Inc, the leader in XML
Networking products, announced today results of an independent product
security assessment of its XML Guardian Gateway and the company’s
commitment to independent ongoing assurance testing of its industry
leading XML Firewall.  The assessment was performed by iSEC Partners,
the pre-eminent digital security consulting firm specializing in
security assurance programs for network and application products. The
results of iSEC’s security assessment validated that the management and
administration aspects of the most current release of Sarvega’s XML
Guardian Gateway adheres to security industry best practices. 

The product security assessment is part of ISEC’s new Security Assurance
Program which is designed to validate security best practices for
networking and XML Web Services security products. “Sarvega is committed
to keeping our products current with security best practices and
understands the importance of regularly scheduled security assessments
performed by independent industry experts as part of our product
security program,” said Girish Juneja, co-founder and senior vice
president of product management for Sarvega. “The results of iSEC’s
report confirm Sarvega’s ability to deliver products that contribute
significantly to the overall protection of an enterprise’s Web Services

“Security is an ongoing process and it is critical for vendors to keep
their products current with the latest security best practices,” said
Himanshu Dwivedi, Senior Partner for iSEC Partners, LLC. “That can be
accomplished only through an approach to design security into the
product and then validate the results with ongoing independent product
security assessments. Sarvega has demonstrated their commitment to a
rigorous assurance program for their XML Guardian Gateway product.” 

iSEC’s Security Assurance Program is designed to help product vendors
address security requirements upfront and to model specific threat
scenarios that can identify product vulnerabilities and enumerate
exploitation possibilities to assure industry best practices for product
security. iSEC implemented numerous test scenarios across a variety of
functions by using automated scanners, manual techniques, and propriety
methods to assess the security defense capabilities of the management
and administration aspects of the Sarvega XML Guardian Gateway. The test
methodology included buffer overflows, directory traversal, denial of
service, hidden fields, cross-site scripting attacks, HTTP Header
overflow and format string attacks, direct path browsing, CGI and PHD
exploits, and Perl script injections to verify the defense capabilities
of the XML Gateway. iSEC’s independent assessment confirmed that the
management and administration aspects of the Sarvega XML Guardian
Gateway exceeded industry best practices. 

About Sarvega
Sarvega, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of XML networking products,
providing enterprises with unprecedented security, performance, and ease
of operation for XML Web Services. Sarvega’s underlying technology, the
XML Event Stream Operating System (XESOS™, Patent Pending), combines
comprehensive XML security and XML routing functionality with wirespeed
performance, non-stop availability, and hardware platform independence.
Sarvega’s XML networking products are available both as secure network
appliances and on multiple third party blade alternatives. Sarvega
introduced the industry’s first wirespeed XML appliance, the first XML
content router, and the first XML grid computing solution. Sarvega’s
worldwide customer base includes governments and leading companies in
Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Media and Entertainment.
Sarvega is the recipient of numerous technology awards for innovation,
including Computerworld’s Innovative Technology Award and CMP Media’s
COMET Award. For details, please visit www.sarvega.com, send email to
info@sarvega.com, or call 630- 627-3131.

About iSEC Partners
Information Security Partners, LLC (iSEC Partners) has assembled several
of the world’s best security researchers to create the pre-eminent
leader in security consulting, research and tool development.  iSEC has
created a new standard for customer satisfaction by listening to our
Clients and developing innovative solutions like the iSEC Security
Assurance Program – A process for validating that product security
features are consistent with industry standards. For details, please
visit www.isecpartners.com, send email to info@isecpartners.com, or call

					   # # #

Sarvega, XML Context Router, XML Guardian, XML Speedway, XML
EventStream, XESOS, and Context Console are trademarks of Sarvega, Inc.
All other names are trademarks of their respective companies. 

Press Contact:

	Peter Borbely
          (919) 345-5079

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