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Subject: New xml Vpn- XML VPN Version 4.3 Uses Digital Signature to Ensure End-to-End Security for B2B Web Services Transactions


XML VPN Version 4.3 Uses Digital Signature to Ensure End-to-End Security for B2B Web Services Transactions

SANTA MONICA, Calif.€ July 13, 2005€SOA Software (formerly Digital Evolution), the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and governance solutions, today announced XML VPN version 4.3. This new version of SOA Software's groundbreaking XML VPN product adds several key capabilities, including last-mile security, external service virtualization and support for WS-Policy.

"SOA Software's notion of an XML VPN is catching on with customers," 
said Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst at ZapThink. "Unlike a traditional 
VPN, the XML VPN is content-and application-aware. SOA Software can therefore connect companies to their business partners and customers in a secure, flexible, intelligent manner, leveraging the power of Web services and 
SOA for business-to-business interactions."

SOA Software designed and built XML VPN to make it easy for enterprises to securely provide and consume B2B Web services. It ensures the usability, security and reliability of Web services, enabling companies to create new business models for their partners to consume. XML VPN's innovative workflow mechanism enables companies to publish Web services, and invite their partners to securely and easily consume them.

"Web services are emerging as one of the most effective ways to share and consume information with partners," said Diana Kelley, senior analyst at Burton Group. "Managing and exposing these services securely is a challenge.  Solutions that help companies leverage their existing identity management investment in a federated SOA environment can help speed adoption while maintaining an end-to-end trust model."  

Last-Mile Security

With version 4.3 the XML VPN proxy can digitally sign messages destined for internal services to prevent end-run attacks by external applications that could otherwise directly contact internal services protected by the XML VPN. This helps ensure the security of internal services and provides an end-to-end audit trail for all partner transactions.

Inbound Service Virtualization

XML VPN version 4.3 can act as a proxy for any external Web services, whether provided by another XML VPN device or not. This allows a company to use the XML VPN to provide its developers with internal versions of important third party services, and ensure the security and reliability of these services.

WS-Policy Support

XML VPN version 4.3 is the first B2B Web services security solution to support the emerging WS-Policy standard. Support for WS-Policy ensures that third party providers can discover the policies they must implement before attempting to communicate with a service.

Availability and Pricing

SOA Software's XML VPN is available today as software and an appliance. Software starts at $5,000 per CPU. Appliances start from $50,000.

"As companies move away from expensive proprietary integration mechanisms toward XML, Web services and SOA, the need for security and management of these services will continue to grow," said Eric Pulier, chairman and founder, SOA Software. "The XML VPN makes it easy for providers to enforce strong security policies and for their partners to comply with these policies."

About SOA Software

SOA Software, formerly Digital Evolution, is the leading provider of comprehensive enterprise-class SOA security, management and governance solutions. SOA Software's products include the award winning Service Manager, Registry and XML VPN. The Service Manager(tm) secures, monitors and manages XML and Web services, and was awarded the 2004 Gold Product of the Year Award for Web Services Management from SearchWebServices.com. The XML VPN makes it easy for companies to securely publish Web services for their partners to consume. It ensures the usability, security and reliability of Web services allowing partners to create new business models. SOA Software's UDDIv3 compliant Registry is the first product to integrate service discovery with policy and performance management. These products combine to create the only complete SOA Fabric solution available today. SOA Software is a privately held company backed by leading investors including Redpoint, Mellon Ventures, Palisades Ventures Fund and Paladin Capital Group. For more information, please visit www.soa.com <http://www.soa.com/> 


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