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Subject: Not all DITA Solutions are Alike... Choose Wisely

Not all DITA Solutions are Alike... Choose Wisely

DITA, short for Darwin Information Typing Architecture, represents a major step forward for companies seeking to convert technical documentation, on-line Help and other documents to XML. But to take full advantage of its potential cost and time savings, many companies will need to do more than simply install off-the-shelf software packages.

In fact, if companies aren't careful, they may run into four roadblocks that could derail the implementation and ultimately cost them more money over the long haul.

To learn how to avoid these potential roadblocks and get in the fast-lane for deploying DITA, sign up today for Innodata Isogen's four-part Webinar series, which kicks off on Nov. 2 with "DITA is Ready for Primetime. Are You Ready for DITA?"


Our four-part Webinar series also includes presentations by three of Innodata Isogen’s partners:

  • Blast Radius, November 9
  • IXIASOFT, November 16
  • Idiom Technologies, November 30

This four-part Webinar series will:

  • provide an introduction to DITA and explain how it helps companies implement an XML content model through controlled specialization
  • describe the steps required to bring DITA environments to full production, even with "off-the-shelf" solutions
  • discuss how to avoid four potential roadblocks to achieving success with DITA
  • provide a road map for efficiently deploying DITA

You are also invited to visit our DITA resource page, where you may read our latest white paper as well as other material that will help you jump start XML within your organization.

Thank you,

Innodata Isogen
Three University Plaza
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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