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Subject: OASIS Member News: SiberLogic announces SiberSafe S1000D Edition Evaluation Package

S1000D User Forum, Clearwater, Florida -- SiberLogic, a leading provider of
innovative XML content technology, today announces the availability of a new
online evaluation option for SiberSafe S1000D Edition.

With no requirement to download, install and configure client and server
software, this is a convenient and efficient way to evaluate SiberLogic's
unique approach to S1000D compliance.

SiberSafe S1000D Edition is the only solution on the market today that
combines a mature, feature-rich XML CMS with knowledge modeling technology
to provide a robust environment for authoring teams producing complex,
evolving documentation in defense and aerospace.  The online evaluation
package includes a ready-made sample S1000D content application, along with
the ability to create and model your own information.  A live introductory
tutorial is also available free of charge.

To request an evaluation account, see us at booth #16 at the S1000D User
Forum or visit us online at http://www.siberlogic.com/evaluation/S1000D.asp.

Full press release available at

For more info contact:
Sandi Castle
Director, Marketing & Communication
SiberLogic, Inc.
(+1) 905 761 7334 x235

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