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Subject: X-Pubs Conference discount for OASIS Members

X-Pubs 2006 is a different breed of conference. As structured standards hit
the mainstream, it goes beyond the technology and seeks to critique the
established business justification for the adoption of both XML and DITA in
organisational publishing, and present clear information to those wanting to
realise the return on investment potential they offer.

While examining the return enjoyed by early adopters of XML content
management and XML publishing technology, X-Pubs tries to identify some of
the challenges and pitfalls - both business and technical - any adopter of
XML publishing technology is likely to face.  

The conference takes place on 20th - 21st June 2006 at the London Gatwick
Hilton and packs a hit list of who's who in Extensible Mark-up Language
(XML) authoring,  XML content management, XML publishing and the Darwin
Information Typing Architecture (DITA). 

The conference boasts keynote speeches from the two leading thinkers in
enterprise content management and dynamic publishing technology, namely Ann
Rockley (author of Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy),
and Dr  JoAnn T Hackos (author of Managing your documentation projects).  

"In terms of  the quality of speakers, content, and the sheer variety of
technology being showcased, X-Pubs 2006 is without doubt the most
comprehensive European XML content management and publishing conference to
date".  Jerry Silver, Director, Product Management, XMetaL

Delegates to X-Pubs 2006 can also enjoy dedicated management and technology
tracks, workshops, demonstrations, case studies and speakers from Adobe,
XMetaL, IBM, PTC Arbortext, Mark Logic, Mekon, with more being added daily. 

"Initially X-Pubs was conceived as a much smaller event between XML and DITA
thought leaders in the UK , but the quality of speakers and organisations
wanting to contribute has made X-Pubs the MUST attend event for any
individual wanting to understand why and how to adopt XML as part of their
content publishing process. Mark Poston, Senior Information Architect, Mekon

Tickets for the event have been selling fast, although places are still
available. OASIS members are entitled to 10% off the entry price if booked
before 12th June 2006. 

For booking and further information visit www.x-pubs.com , email
info@x-pubs.com or simply call +44 (0) 20 8722 8413

Note: This email contains the views of the parties named and not necessarily
those of OASIS.

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