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Subject: Open Publish 2006, Baltimore - Call for Papers OPEN

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Open Publish 2006, a new conference designed to focus on the management and implementation issues relating to publishing technology is now seeking speaking proposals for this event.

While covering key ideas such as standards initiatives, single-sourcing data and content management, Open Publish will discuss these from the perspective of best practices, project methodologies and human/usability factors rather than simply technology.

With the objective of fostering a greater sense of community for managers, developers and production staff, Open Publish promises to offer the informal collaboration of a user group combined with presentations from the leading thinkers and practitioners in publishing. Therefore, we have specific interest in hearing from speakers with expertise in the following areas:

  • methodologies for evaluating and implementing content management solutions
  • project and risk management for content-related projects
  • cost estimation, return on investment and quality management
  • using existing web infrastructure (mash-ups)
  • documenting and managing publishing requirements
  • business perspectives on open content such as Wikipedia
  • best practice for content creation and conversion
  • frameworks for quality in system development and implementation.

Got other ideas or suggestions?
If you or anyone you know has an interest in participating as a speaker, please send a brief overview of your topic to the conference convenor Nga Cao to discuss.

More information about presenting a conference session or delivering a tutorial can be found at: www.open-conferences.com/baltimore/speaker_info.html

Open Publish 2006 is proudly presented by Allette Systems (AUS) and aXtive minds (USA) in conjunction with OASIS (USA).


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