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Subject: Members Discount - XML in Healthcare

Dear OASIS Members,
Only 2 weeks left to take advantage of the 10% discount offered to all
OASIS members for the 'XML in Healthcare' seminar at the XML Summer
School 2006. To register visit
'XML in Healthcare' is a two day seminar from 27th-28th July, at Wadham
College, University of Oxford and forms part of the XML Summer School
2006 hosted by CSW. Primarily aimed at healthcare IT professionals,
planners, managers and clinical IT users who have an understanding of
XML and its healthcare applications, 'XML in Healthcare' will give
delegates practical feedback on the real-life application of XML in the
NHS in England and around the world, as well as an understanding of the
technologies involved in patient-centered health records systems.

After taking this course you will understand:

* How XML can be applied to the management and exchange of information
in healthcare 
* The role of other related open standards 
* The key components of a full patient-centred, shared care system 
* Architectures that can be implemented on a local, regional and
national scale 
* How XML is being used in the NHS National Programme for IT in England 
* Where XML-based systems are being adopted around the world 

For further details on the 'XML in Healthcare' programme and its
speakers, please visit the event website at www.xmlsummerschool.com.
Alternatively, if you have any questions about the XML Summer School,
please contact pearl.lovegrove@csw.co.uk or telephone 01865 337431. 

Registered Office and Contact Address:
4240 Nash Court
Oxford Business Park South

Tel: +44/0 1865 337400
Mob: 07971 981612
Fax: +44/0 1865 337433
Web: http://www.csw.co.uk

Registered in England No. 4198197

Legal Disclaimer : http://www.csw.co.uk/disclaimer.htm


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