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Subject: Oasis Member News: SiberLogic Introduces SiberSafe Value Bundle

Toronto, Canada - November 28, 2006 - SiberLogic, a leading provider of
innovative XML content technology, today introduces the SiberSafe Value
Bundle.  The SiberSafe Value Bundle is a feature-packed selection of
SiberSafe products, perfect for organizations with complex, evolving
technical documentation, a mix of content authors and reviewers, and a
restricted budget.

The SiberSafe Value Bundle is available until the end of 2006, and includes:

Five SiberSafe XML CMS licenses
SiberSafe XML CMS provides a robust and feature-rich environment for
authoring teams producing documentation using XML. Designed specifically for
collaborative authoring and review, SiberSafe increases the efficiency of
XML content development, retrieval and maintenance - across teams, across
organizations, and across linguistic boundaries.  Delivering
enterprise-scale functionality at departmental prices, SiberSafe provides
automated workflow, link management, versioning, translation management, and
support for all major authoring and publication tools, making it the most
versatile and flexible content management solution available. The full
SiberSafe XML CMS feature list is available at

Two SiberSafe XML Reviewer licenses 
Most documentation teams include a mix of content authors and reviewers.
SiberSafe XML Reviewer allows subject matter experts to review documents or
document fragments as they appear in the repository at the time of review.
The reviewer can see other reviewers' comments, and can add his/her own
comments and annotations to the content. The content is rendered using the
style specified by the document administrator, and the reviewer need not
even know that the content being reviewed is in XML format.  The only
difference between SiberSafe Reviewer and SiberSafe CMS is that the reviewer
cannot change any content.

Unlimited SiberSafe XML Communicator licenses
SiberSafe XML Communicator is a fully-integrated full-featured no-cost XML
Editor that provides convenient context-sensitive menu access to SiberSafe
functionality. From within SiberSafe Communicator users can create, edit,
review and publish content, and administer workflow tasks and assignments.
SiberSafe Communicator enables entire documentation teams to get up to speed
with XML authoring without the additional burden of third party XML editor
No-Cost FrameMaker integration
Teams with a FrameMaker authoring environment in place can take advantage of
our SiberSafe/FrameMaker integration, available at no additional charge.
Full SiberSafe content management functionality is directly accessible from
FrameMaker 7.2 via menus and context-sensitive commands.  Technical
documentation can be created with a familiar, highly appropriate tool,
managed in an environment designed for exactly that material and published
using the best of both technologies.

Other budget-saving features of the SiberSafe Value Bundle include:

Concurrent user licensing
Unlike most content management systems, all SiberSafe products are based on
concurrent user licensing with no additional per-server or per-CPU fees. 

Unlike most content management systems, SiberSafe is database-neutral.  Out
of the box, SiberSafe supports any JDBC-compatible database, including
Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and Microsoft Access.  

Pricing and availability
The SiberSafe Value Bundle is available now until the end of 2006, and will
save your team almost US$3,500.  For regular pricing, please visit

About SiberLogic
SiberLogic is a leading provider of innovative XML content technology.
SiberSafe, our flagship product, is the only solution on the market today
that can integrate a mature and robust XML content management system with an
RDF/OWL-based semantic enablement platform, dramatically increasing the
efficiency of both the content development and retrieval processes.

Designed specifically for technical authoring teams, SiberSafe streamlines
the capture, packaging and delivery of knowledge from those who own it (such
as product designers), to those who need it (such as operators, support
specialists, and maintenance engineers), with full support for industry
standards that include DocBook, DITA, S1000D, SCORM, and IETM/IETP. 

With customer installations serving teams of five to 500 authors in defense,
aerospace, finance, manufacturing, and technology, SiberSafe is a
class-leading, sophisticated, scaleable, yet cost-effective solution for
managing the content and knowledge within corporate and technical


Press contact:
Sandi Castle
Director, Marketing & Communications
SiberLogic, Inc.
(+1) 905 761 7334 ex 235

Ref: http://www.siberlogic.com/pressreleases/2006-11-28/default.asp

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