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Subject: Member News: SOA Software Delivers Comprehensive SOA Governance Product

For Immediate Release 

SOA Software Delivers Comprehensive SOA Governance Product

Company's Innovative Workbench Product Shakes up the Industry with
Powerful Features and Integration Capabilities

 LOS ANGELES, Calif.- December 4, 2006-SOA Software, a leading provider
of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security, mediation
and run-time governance solutions, announced the launch of an innovative
SOA governance product called Workbench.  Workbench is a ground-breaking
comprehensive, closed-loop SOA governance product, integrating UDDIv3
registry technology with a powerful repository and policy management
system. This unique solution provides a way for organizations to
quantifiably enforce their run-time policies, accelerating service reuse
and adoption. 

"As enterprises increasingly adopt and scale out their SOA-based
implementations, the need to manage and assure services policy adherence
in a more integrated and automated fashion across the IT lifecycle
becomes crucial," notes Sandra Rogers, director of SOA and Web services
research at IDC. "Beyond developing reference architectures and
governance guidelines, organizations are seeking techniques to help
facilitate more reliable adherence to corporate or contractual

Governance intersects with SOA security and management around
centralized SOA policy management and reporting.  Customers need SOA
governance to:

*       Control the proliferation of services

*       Measure and manage the value of the SOA

*       Control the relationships between consumers and providers

*       Make it easier for developers of services and consumers to
participate in SOA

*       Manage and enforce design-time and run-time policies and report
on policy compliance

"SOA governance requires not just definition of policies, but also
enforcement of policies and auditing of the enforcement of those
policies," said Anne Thomas Manes, vice president and research director
at Burton Group. "A comprehensive SOA governance solution must support
all three aspects of policy management (definition, enforcement and
auditing). Otherwise an organization will have no means to measure the
effectiveness of the governance solution or the value that the SOA
initiative provides." 

Built by leveraging SOA Software's years of work with customers who have
deployed advanced SOA solutions, Workbench will change the way
organizations think about, buy and implement SOA infrastructure. SOA
Software's Workbench is a standalone SOA governance system offering
state of the art features including:

*       Full support for UDDIv3 - Publish and discover services, and
synchronization with 3rd party UDDIv3 registries

*       Complete design-time policy management for WS-I and enterprise
architecture policy compliance           

*       Complete run-time policy lifecycle management           

*       Service publishing workflow

*       Service discovery and access provisioning workflow

*       Active consumer contracts managing the relationships between

*       Contextual collaboration

Workbench can also be deployed alongside Service Manager, SOA Software's
robust SOA management and security product to provide a comprehensive
closed-loop governance system.  Workbench defines policies that are
enforced (physically actioned) by the Service Manager run-time security
and management systems.  Service Manager collects metrics and compliance
data (manifests) that it passes back to Workbench which implements an
audit process comparing these metrics and manifests with the original
policies to ensure that they are being correctly enforced.

SOA Software has worked closely with several Fortune 500 customers to
develop the requirements for Workbench as a comprehensive
enterprise-class, closed-loop SOA governance solution.  This ensures
that Workbench will prove valuable to both IT and the business in a wide
range of organizations.

SOA Software's products are unique in the industry, providing a
wide-ranging SOA infrastructure solution covering security, management,
mediation and governance.  These products are an ideal choice for large
enterprise customers with essential enterprise-class features like
central policy management, built-in key management and distribution, and
the broadest possible platform support.

"SOA Software continues to win marquee customers, delivering the
strongest products in the market," said Paul Gigg, chief executive
officer of SOA Software.  "The launch of Workbench announces our arrival
in the SOA governance market, and marks a significant milestone on our
path to be the dominant, platform-independent software company in the
SOA arena."

Availability and Pricing

Workbench will be generally available in January 2007 with a technology
preview in December 2006.  Pricing will start at $50,000.

About SOA Software

SOA Software is a leading provider of comprehensive enterprise-class SOA
management, security, and governance solutions.  SOA Software's products
include the award winning Service Manager(tm), Workbench(tm), and
SOLA(tm).  Service Manager provides a high-performance, scalable SOA
management and security solution. Workbench provides a comprehensive
closed-loop SOA governance solution. And SOLA is SOA Software's
mainframe Web services solution for CICS programmers. These
enterprise-class products combine to create the only comprehensive SOA
infrastructure solution available today.  SOA Software is a privately
held company backed by leading investors including Draper Fisher
Jurvetson, Redpoint, Mellon Ventures, Palisades Ventures Fund and
Paladin Capital Group. For more information, please visit
http://www.soa.com <http://www.soa.com/>  

SOA Software, Service Manager, SOLA, Partner Manager, and Network
Director are trademarks of SOA Software, Inc.  All other names are
trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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