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Subject: Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2012 - OASIS Member Discount Available

Gartner IAM summit 2012: Check out 48 sessions across four tracks on the just-released brochure.

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2012 December 3 – 5  |  Las Vegas, NV  |  gartner.com/us/iam



Have you future-proofed your IAM strategy?

A nexus of transformative forces — cloud, mobile, social, information proliferation — is disrupting identity and access management (IAM) best practices. With so much change and uncertainty ahead, maintaining the status quo is not an option; it’s time to future-proof your strategy and make the necessary changes to deliver ongoing business value.

This year’s Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2012, December 3 – 5, in Las Vegas, NV, will give you the must-have information for retooling your IAM strategy to meet the challenges brought on by the nexus of cloud, social, mobile and the information revolution and to seize the opportunities ahead. Don’t miss your chance to join the entire Gartner analyst team and the IAM community all in one location to experience the latest Gartner research, insights and forward-thinking perspectives found nowhere else.

See the value in attending


Understand the impact of cloud, mobility, social and big data on IAM.


Discover best practices for planning, implementing, and managing identity and access.


Prepare for the next generation of IAM alternative solutions.


Take compliance reporting to the next step by using identity and access intelligence.


Maximize resources with the latest Gartner tools in IT scoring and program maturity.


Create a culture for the enterprise that is more access-accountable and access-transparent.


Don't delay! Register today and save $300 on the standard registration rate using priority code GARTMP3. Call 1 866 405 2511 or visit gartner.com/us/iam.

REGISTER NOW OASIS discount - Save $300

Download brochure Everything you need to decide

View the 2012 tracks Preview the track descriptions

Bring the team Maximize, strategize and save

View the just-released brochure

View Sample Session Watch a video of the top rated session from the 2011 Gartner IAM Summit Click here to view.

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