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Subject: Two Weeks to Register for the OSLC Workshop @ EclipseCon France Conference

EclipseCon France is only 2 weeks away!  Join members of our OSLC TCs at the Toulouse on June 17 for an Unconference OSLC Workshop.  EclipseCon France Conference will continue on the 18 and 19th.   Advance registration discounts end on 9 June. 

OSLC Workshop:  Can we link data for System Engineering ? ……O yeS you’lL C!

Come and learn about the Crystal project under Artemis and see for yourself how tool interoperability can be achieved today!  Workshop speakers will give you an introduction and latest update on the project itself, then go on to walk through the steps to create a tool adapter using OASIS OSLC, which is adopted under the Crystal Interoperability Specification V1.0.  Attendees will follow the story from the industrial use case and engineering method to the development based on eclipse Lyo to support Open Modelica data in a Change Impact Analysis scenario.  Join OASIS OLSC members, Airbus and IBM, who will deliver this hands-on workshop demonstrating how to build an OSLC adapter using the latest eclipse Lyo contribution.

Workshop Leaders:

·         Jean-Luc Johnson (Airbus Group Innovations)

·         Samit Mehta (IBM)

·         Gray Bachelor (IBM)

Related links:


OSLC Workshop Details:  https://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse_WG_Unconference_France_2014#OSLC_Workshop

Registration:  https://www.eclipsecon.org/france2014/registration
EclipseCon France: https://www.eclipsecon.org/france2014/

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