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Subject: RE: [arip] Inviting nominations for Chair of OASIS Augmented Reality in Information Products (ARIP) TC



I would like to nominate Rhonda Truitt for committee chair. She led our team to pursue and create AR for technical communications by hosting an AR Think Tank last fall, and driving the creation of a prototype.



Sally Martir

NA Documentation Project Manager

Huawei Technologies USA

5340 Legacy Drive, Suite 175, 238N

Plano, TX 75024

work: 469-277-5854

cell: 469-939-1504

email: sally.martir@huawei.com



From: Hackos, Joann [mailto:joann.hackos@comtech-serv.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 9:22 AM
To: Chet Ensign; arip@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: Rhonda Truitt; Charles Cooper; Christine Perey; farhad patel; greg.babb@textlogic.ch; Ray Gallon; sally martir; Scott Simmons
Subject: Re: [arip] Inviting nominations for Chair of OASIS Augmented Reality in Information Products (ARIP) TC


I propose that we nominate Farhad Patel as the chair of the ARIP TC.

JoAnn Hackos



JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD


Comtech Services Inc.

710 Kipling Street, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80215




Comtech Logo 2005 small


We will be hosting the CIDM Online Conference on July 29, 2015   More information is available: https://forum.infomanagementcenter.com


From: Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org>
Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 11:17 AM
To: "arip@lists.oasis-open.org" <arip@lists.oasis-open.org>
Cc: Rhonda Truitt <rhonda.truitt@huawei.com>, Charles Cooper <cooper@rockley.com>, Christine Perey <cperey@perey.com>, farhad patel <farhad.patel@huawei.com>, "greg.babb@textlogic.ch" <greg.babb@textlogic.ch>, JoAnn Hackos <joann.hackos@comtech-serv.com>, Ray Gallon <ray@transformationsociety.net>, sally martir <sally.martir@huawei.com>, Scott Simmons <ssimmons@opengeospatial.org>
Subject: [arip] Inviting nominations for Chair of OASIS Augmented Reality in Information Products (ARIP) TC


To all prospective members of the ARIP TC:


The first order of business at the first TC meeting is to elect a chair (or two co-chairs). If you are interested in serving as a Chair or in nominating another individual for the position of Chair, you are welcome to make that candidacy known prior to the first meeting by posting a note to the TC's e-mail list expressing your interest and/or intent along with a brief statement of your or their qualifications. The meeting will also accept nominations from any qualified persons before beginning the vote. 


Please be aware that prospective members must join the TC no less than 7 days prior to the first meeting in order to participate in the meeting and vote on for TC Chair(s). To join the TC, go to the TC's web page at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/arip/  and click the "Join This TC" button. 




Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393 

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