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Subject: Minutes for 9 July 2015 posted


I have posted the minutes to the wiki: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/arip/Minutes-9-July-2015 

Also included below:

July 9th Agenda:

  • Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.
    • Attendees: Farhad Patel, JoAnn Hackos, Scott Hudson, Greg Babb, Ray Gallon, Sally Martir, Scott Simmons, Charles Cooper

    • Regrets: Rhonda Truitt, Christine Perey, Steve Prideaux-Ghee
  • Volunteer for minute taking this week: Scott Hudson
  • News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc.
    • upcoming meeting for OGC in Birmingham (Scott S.)
  • STC presentation update Sally Martir (Charles Cooper and Ray Gallon)
    • Topics: smart phones and tablets are the hot technology area for applying AR technology
    • DAQRI helmet demo Getting tech pubs companies ready for AR (technology and skill sets)
    • Lots of good participation and questions from the audience!
    • Incredible range of experience from "thinking about it and testing" to "what is AR?"
    • Experienced folks left quickly after, so no chance to connect.
    • Met a Boeing employee, but they were unaware of the Boeing study and current AR efforts.
    • ACTION: Sally to provide some additional defn slides to the Outreach slide deck

  • Others? MPEG ISO Workshop- Mix AR Reference Model Outreach Campaign? Christine Perey?
    • No status
  • Sub-teams- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:
    • Glossary Sub-Team (Rhonda and Greg)
      • Rhonda got OASIS letterhead and permission to use the AR glossary
      • ACTION: Greg to try Document with change tracking and/or wiki format and/or SC mailing list. Greg to contact Scott H. for any questions.

    • Research Sub-Team (Farhad, Ray, Scott, and Greg)
      • Ray contacted Avato. They will be making an AR proposal to the Spanish division of Volkswagen in the fall. Ray to follow their efforts if possible.
    • Outreach Sub-Team (Scott)
      • Created wiki page with proposed conferences and publications: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/arip/OutreachSubcommittee 
      • Slide deck: Kris Eberlein suggested adding definition and examples of "augmented reality"
      • Ray will be creating a column for the STC Intercom called Standard Deviations. Would like contributors to provide guest articles! Next deadline is in early Aug (500-700 words).
      • Greg already published an AR overview article in CIDM. Another article toward the end of the year focused on a specific implementation would be very interesting.
      • Demo session at Best Practices conference in September? Need info ASAP.

      • Greg is a member of Augmented Reality Alliance that has links to various conferences (mostly Enterprise).
      • Farhad and Rhonda presenting a webinar on 15 Oct 2015 for Comtech. ACTION: Farhad to put it on the wiki.
  • Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:
    • European Tech Com/ STC (Ray)
      • May have platform at Tekom conference, opportunity to present
      • Tekom is very open to collaborating
    • OGC (Scott)
    • Other AR Groups (Christine)
  • Action status from prior weeks
    • Memo - Joann suggested adding "what would be in their business interest" for participating. Need to add the "sales pitch" to those responsible for setting content strategy, rather than the CEOs. Service organizations might also be a big potential target area. Marketing might have some interest to provide AR interaction with the dashboard (automotive). More and more folks are looking at online docs before talking to sales. (can they use it, will it work). AR might be more persuasive than PDF for this type of info.
  • Other business?
    • Next Meeting: 23 July 2015
    • Regrets: Scott Hudson
  • Adjourn

Thanks and best regards,

Scott Hudson
Senior Consultant
Comtech Services Inc.

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