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Subject: ARIP TC minutes 27AUG2015


1. Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.


  • Rhonda Truitt
  • Charles Cooper
  • Greg Babb
  • Farhad Patel
  • Scott Hudson
  • Scott Simmons


  • Joann Hackos
  • Ray Gallon
  • Sally Martir

2. Volunteer for minute taking

  • Scott Hudson

3. News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc. 

  • Greg found a new article from researchers in Austria that will take existing docs and convert to Augmented Reality. "Retargeting Technical Documentation to Augmented Reality". Link in research section.
  • Charles: castAR startup (http://castar.com/) demo of AR for medical and interactive AR. Uses retro-reflective surfaces and wand.

4. Sub-teams- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

A. Glossary Sub-Team (Rhonda and Greg)

  • Greg/Rhonda: AR community and Mixed and AR glossaries compared and unified to produce a new glossary. Will try to produce 2-3 terms per week. Will also produce an ARIP style guide. Sally will edit the glossary. Glossary terms to be posted via email thread and Word doc. Subject line: ARIP Glossary Term May need a governance model for when new terms are submitted.

B. Research Sub-Team (Farhad, Ray, Scott, and Greg)

  • Farhad: not much traction in connecting with potential members/contacts Need separate mtg to try to come up with options (next week).

C. Outreach Sub-Team (Scott)

  • Charles will be speaking at Intelligent Content conference and will mention ARIP TC.
  • Farhad has an article that is almost ready for review Webinar on 15OCT2015
  • Rhonda/Farhad presenting at CIDM Best Practices in September. Scott & Joann can support as needed.
  • ACTION: SCOTT: Ask about setting up an ARIP table at CIDM Best Practices. RHONDA: to look into potential materials that can be provided.

5. Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

  • European Tech Comm / STC (Ray)
  • OGC (Scott) - web conference (8a-12p UK time) Sep 17, but will report out on results of the summit to this committee. Info on public site.
  • Other AR Groups (Christine)

6. Action status from prior weeks
7. Other business
8. Adjourn

  • Next meeting in 2 weeks (10 Sept 2015). Rhonda throws down gauntlet about which subteam can have the most exciting progress.

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