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Subject: Information Table at CIDM Best Practices 2015


Following up on my action item from last week:
CIDM can provide a small area near or part of the sponsors table for the event. There won't be a lot of space available, but there is room for brochures or whitepapers. 

Rhonda, you were going to look into what materials could be provided? Unfortunately today is our shipping deadline for the conference from our office, so any materials you plan to provide will need to be brought to the conference, or shipped directly to the hotel. Please let me know if you need shipping contact info.

Thanks and best regards,

Scott Hudson
Senior Consultant
Comtech Services Inc.
710 Kipling Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80215


Comtech Logo 2005 small

CIDM will be hosting the Best Practices 2015 conference in St. Petersburg, Florida September 21-23. More information at:


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