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Subject: minutes for 10 Sept 2015


1. Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.


 * Rhonda Truitt
 * Sally Martir
 * Greg Babb
 * Farhad Patel
 * Scott Hudson
 * Ray Gallon


 * Joann Hackos
 * Charles Cooper

2. Volunteer for minute taking

 * Scott Hudson

3. News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc.

 * Christine speaking on Oct 13
 * Alex Tusa from SAP will be joining as a formal member!

4. Sub-teams- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

A. Glossary Sub-Team (Rhonda and Greg)

 * Greg: Excel template for editing glossary terms in place. Hope to start editing terms and merge the glossaries. Plan is to complete a few terms per week. May need to address versioning of the glossary doc, but can use the OASIS doc versioning on the site for now.
 * Ray: How to reconcile/differentiate terms of Simplified Reality vs Augmented Reality vs Assisted Reality? Greg: will be useful to clarify in glossary. Need source of the terms for clarification.
   Ray: VW has a line drawing example for simplified reality.
 * Rhonda: Need process for submitting a new term for the TC (for when we hear new terms in industry that can be potentially included in the glossary). Add table to glossary wiki subpage?
   Scott: Suggest new term submission to mailing list (may need to set up an official subcommittee with dedicated mailing list). Need a dedicated charter and officially form the subcommittee.
   [[https://www.oasis-open.org/resources/tc-admin-requests/subcommittee-creation-request | Subcommittee request]]

MOTION: Rhonda motion to approve formation of an AR Glossary Subcommittee to create a formal glossary of terms for use in technical communication and augmented reality industries. The chair of the subcommittee shall be Greg Babb.

B. Research Sub-Team (Farhad, Ray, Scott, and Greg)

 * Farhad: Special meeting last week with subteam and Paul Davies from Boeing. Paul provided a lot of knowledge around use cases, especially with regard to Maintenance and Work Instructions. Paul has a lot of whitepapers and presentations that we should be able to use as part of our research. AR technology discussion: tracking is still the hardest problem in AR (understanding where things are in 3D space). Problems with different technologies (IR, magnetic fields, line of sight). Some prototypes, but never productized due to some of the tracking problems. Content: issues in that engineering uses NURVS-based models, where AR and real-time processing needs to be tessellated (pre-processed into triangle-based shapes). Also need AR to be tied into the source engineering system, but hard to do dynamically. CAD Models and PDF instructions need to be "distilled" into AR "scenes". Simplification is a challenge: 3D models can be very detailed and provide too much detail. How to provide Just Enough Detail without overwhelming the user.
 * Need follow up with more contacts on best practices. 
 * Follow up meeting with Paul Davies on 9/16.

C. Outreach Sub-Team (Scott)

 * Charles speaking at the Content Marketing World Conference. He will be speaking at LocWorld29 in Santa Clara (Oct 14-16). Session is called "Content Strategy in an Augmented Reality World". Also on a panel entitled "Smart Products and Connected Devices Require Intelligent Localized Content".
 * Farhad has an article that is almost ready for review. Will send for review to this list by COB tomorrow. 
 * Rhonda/Farhad presenting at CIDM Best Practices in September. Scott & Joann can support as needed.
 * Rhonda/Farhad presenting webinar on 15OCT2015.
 * Farhad presenting at TC UK in 29Sept-3Oct (Ray said to check with David Farby on getting an additional slot or area to talk about ARIP).
 * Scott got an ARIP table at CIDM Best Practices. Rhonda: OASIS Press Release, Article, look into other potential materials that can be provided. SCOTT to inquire on copies.
 * Scott and Rhonda working on article for CIDM Newsletter (and conference). Need to finalize soon.
 * Ray speaking at: Euro IA in Madrid (Info Architect audience), Finland Technical Communication Society summit in Oct.
 * Would be a good opportunity to present at DITA Europe, but need angle/message? Scott to brainstorm with Joann. "No silo needed: AR within Tech Comm"?

5. Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

 * European Tech Comm / STC (Ray) - nothing new to report.
 * OGC (Scott S.) - web conference (8a-12p UK time) Sep 17, but will report out on results of the summit to this committee. Info on public site.
 * Other AR Groups (Christine)

6. Action status from prior weeks 

7. Other business 

* Need to identify milestones and roadmap. Farhad and Rhonda to pull together an initial draft for review.

8. Adjourn

 * Next meeting in 2 weeks (24 Sept 2015). Rhonda throws down gauntlet about which subteam can have the most exciting progress.

Thanks and best regards,

Scott Hudson
Senior Consultant
Comtech Services Inc.
710 Kipling Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80215


Comtech Logo 2005 small

CIDM will be hosting the Best Practices 2015 conference in St. Petersburg, Florida September 21-23. More information at:


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