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Subject: Re: [arip] Minutes for 3 Dec 2015

Slight correction, It’s Joe Welinkse: http://www.welinske.com


The Transformation Society
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On 3 Dec 2015, at 18:02 , Scott C Hudson <scott.hudson@jeppesen.com> wrote:

You can also find the minutes posted to our wiki: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/arip/Minutes-3-Dec-2015

3 Dec 2015


1. Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.


  • Rhonda Truitt
  • Sally Martir
  • Ray Gallon
  • Farhad Patel
  • Scott Hudson
  • Sam Murley
  • Stacey Stevens
  • David Filip
  • Christine Perey


2. Volunteer for minute taking

  • Scott Hudson

3. News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc.

  • New member: Stacey Stevens. Welcome! Stacey met Sally at STC Summit over the summer. She works for Boeing in the Creative and Information Services writing group.
  • ARIP High Level Project Plan (Excel spreadsheet) created by Rhonda/Farhad. Took goals and objectives, clarified deliverables, milestones and responsible sub teams.

o    Each subteam will be responsible for creating more detailed project plans for each assigned deliverable.
ACTION: Rhonda to post to OASIS documents/mailing list. 
ACTION: all TC members to review the xlsx. Will review comments at the next TC meeting.

·         cool article on AR and NASA http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/iss-astronauts-to-test-microsofts-hololens/

·         Amazon awarded 2 AR patents http://www.informationweek.com/it-life/amazon-patents-have-designs-on-augmented-reality-living-rooms--/a/d-id/1323390

4. Sub-teams- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

A. Glossary Sub-Team (Rhonda and Greg)

  • Plan to review project plan and items

B. Research Sub-Team (Farhad, Ray, Scott, and Greg)

  • Farhad to scheduled discussion with Christopher Freeman at AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Center) on Tues, Dec 8.
  • Still trying to sift through data from previous research meetings and determine where to publish relevant points. Plan to post to wiki as an archive. Sam offered to assist.

C. Outreach Sub-Team (Scott)

  • Updated event calendar

·         Important Deadlines: DITA NA by Dec 14, LocWorld by Feb 1

·         Ray - Joe Walenski (walenski.com) traveling road show (Writers UA, Convey UX) - worth looking into for presentations. http://conveyux.com/

  • Ray - what about content strategy and content marketing events? (CONFAB events?)
  • Survey and Report?

·         Should have a new article from Rhonda, Scott with CIDM Newsletter. 
ACTION: Rhonda to follow up w/Lisa Larsen

·         Information Energy conference, Utrecht, June 8-9 2016 http://www.informationenergy.org/home/

·         David - multi-lingual translation committee started for AR. LocWorld would be a good place to present at these. June in Dublin. Call for papers http://locworld.com/feisgiltt2016-cfp/

5. Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

·         European Tech Comm / STC (Ray) - confirm that Ray is on program for an AR Day at Tekom France, 16 Dec in Buc. Programe for the TEKOM France day: http://www.technical-communication.org/fr/events-and-activities/upcoming-events/une-journee-de-conference-sur-le-theme-de-realite-augmentee.html

  • OGC (Scott S.) - Met this week in Sidney. Renewed interest in restarting a POI committee.

·         Other AR Groups (Christine) - Grass Roots even in March in Munich or Stuttgart. http://www.perey.com/ARStandards/april-2016-ar-community-meeting/

  • ISO subcommittee 24 (graphics) mixed and augmented reality reference model presented (no substantive changes). Next vote is in Q1 2016. Addresses presentation part of chain of events to display AR to user.

Ray - should this TC look to interface with the ISO spec? Christine - could be slow process due to lack of marketing on the spec. Christine - next big event for hardware for AR delivery will be at CES. Jan 6-9 in Las Vegas.

6. Action status from prior weeks

7. Other business

8. Adjourn

  • Next meeting in 2 weeks (17 Dec 2015).
  • No meeting on 31 Dec 2015.
Thanks and best regards,
Scott Hudson
Manager, Technical Writing
Product Training & Documentation
Digital Solutions: Customers & Markets
Jeppesen  |  Digital Aviation  |  Boeing
55 Inverness Drive East | Englewood, CO 80112 | www.jeppesen.com

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