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Subject: Meeting minutes Jan 14, 2015 taken by Sam Murley

January 14th, 2016
Meeting Agenda

Roll Call

Members Present

-	Charles Cooper
-	Sally Martir
-	Sam Murley
-	Scott C Hudson
-	Stacey Stevens
-	Rhonda Truitt
-	Farhad Patel
-	Christine Perey

New Members

-	Clark Dodsworth joining next meeting potentially

Committee Open News Topics

-	Rhonda, rhonda.truitt@huawei.com joined the AREA as a sponsor member and will be a corporate member and will start participating in AREA activities.  Christine Perey facilitates the AREA.
-	Rhonda, Tish Shoot (check name), she is one of the organizers for AWE and is now at Huawei and is in a strategic function for VR/AR initiatives internally at Huawei
-	Scott Hudson shared a CNet link about Project Tango, announced it is available now for purchase at $512.  Scott said they are investigating this technology internally and wanted to share this update as well.  Christine mentioned she owns a Project Tango kit and has experience with the hardware.  Scott explained that the tablet is available now, has been for the past 15 months, and the price has recently dropped.   
-	Christine Perey - The Lenovo phones have a 5.6” form-factor per Christine – they have a dedicated site and will compete directly with the Intel RealSense.  Will see a lot of depth sensor technology at Mobile World Congress.  Intel will announce several models of smartphones using RealSense and Qualcomm and Google will announce their partners in this space.  Eventually, the depth sensors will be integrated into Glasses.  It is imperative not to jump to quickly to a wearable as the focus is on the content preparation and is smooth and combines effectively.  Depth sensing is useful for recognizing scenes and objects, such as products that don't have a lot of texture and has a smooth finish.  Objects with shiny or smooth surfaces work well with depth sensors.  IR depth sensors are affected by sunlight, but the Project Tango technology is more robust and can be used for outdoor use cases.  Tango comes with SLAM technology built it and is an advanced form of SLAM.
-	Sam went over the Structure.IO / Occipital sensors and new announcements from last week – Structure Core and the Engine SDK.  Group discussed Infinity AR advancements as well regarding IMU and outdoor use cases.
Industry News & Announcements

-	Christine, focus was on hardware and consumer products
-	Christine’s blog post will be coming out tomorrow; it is in draft form.
-	Scott will send this to the outreach committee
-	Christine is also doing a webinar next Wednesday through the AREA – “Risk Identification and Management”.  Context is regarding what the risk factors are and how to classify them and how to prioritize and assess risk factors.
-	Charles Cooper discussed CastAR, primarily aimed at gaming and enterprise use cases.  They decided last week that they were going to put themselves on hiatus.  They were launched through Kick Starter.  They announced that they were expecting delays and giving the Kick Starter funds back.  They still plan to launch a device in 2016. 
-	Christine, CastAR had a booth at CES, but it was empty.
-	Charles Cooper and the group discussed how they could have been acquired and are currently under non-disclosure.  They launched with a substantial VC group – Valve, Andy Rubin.  (Formerly known as Technical Illusions)
OASIS ARIP Project Plan Update

-	Rhonda sent out the high-level project plan per the charter.  Rhonda asked if folks on the call had reviewed yet and had any feedback.  Project plan outlines goals and objectives, and sub-teams create specific goals and objectives for each area of focus (team)
-	Farhad and Rhonda added ballpark milestones, and they are looking for objections and ability to complete the milestones.
-	Group reviewed the draft Project Plan for the committee.  Some items are marked for specific sub-teams as well as the entire group.  
-	Rhonda voiced that there is a need for additional members on different sub-teams and suggested that those that are not on a team join.
-	Stacy voiced that she is not on a sub-team yet and would like to assist with the Research Subcommittee.  Rhonda concurred.
-	Farhad discussed the Research Subcommittee schedule.  Currently, the plan is to meet every other week (bi-weekly on Thursdays at 10:00 AM CST).  Stacy is in PST and looking for tasking assignments through the R&D Subcommittees.

Committee Project Plan Review

-	Rhonda walked through the draft project plan item by item.
-	Final specifications are expected to be delivered Q3 of 2018 (draft, review with industry and third, the last updated deliverable)
-	Providing report outlining results of research outcomes regarding technical communication and implantation.  This deliverable will be broken down into two reports – Q2 and Q3 2016 deliverables. 
o	Stacy asked what the status is of these reports and if a template is in place.  Farhad commented that nothing has been put in place yet, and the report content has not been started as well.
-	Christine discussed a standards specification committee that is looking for support for a hackathon (April 18th and 19th in Munich, Germany).  There will most likely be five standards organizations present.   Several other meetings are happening nearby at this time as well.  The IEEE AR Learning Experience Model is being tested as well currently with developers through EU research programs.  A TECOM representative responsible for all standards about technical communications (Claudi Klumpp) will also be present.  Christine to introduce Rhonda to Claudi for standards discussions.
-	Christine discussed a page on the AR community web page that lists all the standards (http://www.perey.com/ARStandards/)
-	The Playbook for AR Developers needs to be assigned to a sub-team and individuals
-	The Standardized Content Model task is also unassigned and does not have a delivery date scheduled at this time.
-	Glossary needs to be simplified a bit more with more novice terminology.  Sally asked if Stacy would assist with the Glossary and she agreed that this is a very good idea and area to assist as she is new to Augmented Reality use-cases and industry terms.
-	Christine suggested we add a specifications testing task
-	Rhonda asked when we will have drafts for sub-teams, and Farhad suggested that a draft next week is a bit aggressive.  Rhonda suggested we have drafts together four weeks from today (February 11th, 2016)

Other Business

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