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Subject: Re: [arip] RE: Understanding AR book

This book is quite out of date also. I don’t recommend it, either.

-Clark Dodsworth
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On Feb 19, 2016, at 1:06 PM, Stevens, Stacey E <stacey.e.stevens@boeing.com> wrote:

I had certificate security issues trying to open the link to the book Scott sent, so I looked the book up on Amazon instead. I, too, haven’t read it.  I noticed it had a copyright date of 2013 and had one user review, which was positive. While I was out there, though, I found this other book that had 17 positive user reviews and had the same copyright date of 2013. The title of that book is “Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR.” Has anyone heard of this book? Is it worth a read and having on hand for reference? I wonder if the authors could be additional interview candidates for us.





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Subject: [arip] Understanding AR book




Are you aware of the book “Understanding Augmented Reality” by Alan B. Craig? https://books.google.com/books?id=7_O5LaIC0SwC&num=8


Wondering if this will be a useful resource for us. Has anyone read it?


Thanks and best regards,




Scott Hudson
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