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Subject: Meeting minutes Feb 25, 2015 taken by Clark Dodsworth

OASIS-ARIP working group conference call
Thurs Feb. 25 2016

Farhad Patel
Sally Martir
David Filip
Scott C Hudson
Stacy Stevens
Clark Dodsworth

Sally: asked for nomenclature from IEEE-VR

Stacy: asks Clark to list the IEEE-VR papers we want. Stacy knows one person in the Boeing Tech Comms group who is a member of IEEE. That is likely to be a proper path to acquire relevant papers.

Stacy, Paul Davies, Sam & Clark going to the AWE conf in Santa Clara June.

Rhonda & Christine at MWC Mobile World Conference now.

Plan to set up a Resources page for the working group:

We have a Wiki; https://wiki.oasis-open.org/arip/FrontPage  Scott Hudson will add a Resources Page and add Christine’s list to it.

Scott: has been experimenting with the Entity tool, to set up AR & VR content, he did a quick demo in an hour – set up a target image to launch the app.  (Made by www.akingapp.com)

Stacy: Writers’ UA is doing a tech conference in Washington State on the U of Wash campus in Tacoma and put up a call for speakers. Stacy will contact them to ascertain usefulness for us. Scott and Clark support, in general, checking out new and emerging conferences and meetings at this stage of the AR industry.  

A member reviewed the resource list sent by Christine Perey that her group, The AR Community, has created; it is clearly of value. 

Farhad: The first-ever AR standards Hackathon will be hosted April 16-17 in Aachen, Germany.by her group. It looks of value, has strong student focus, but our 3 members in Europe are probably not going to go. 

The next AR Community Meeting is April 18-19 in Aachen, immediately following the Hackathon. 

Sally: Glossaries; She and Stacy are working to put together a project plan for it.

Stacy: Rhonda sent in one term, but it needs a definition; Rhonda will add it. 

Farhad: ARIP is setting up interviews w people who are developing AR experiences, to extract Best Practices. He has set up an interview with a member of the Newport News Shipyard AR development group.

Scott: Re outreach: Needs to recruit someone to offload that task. He has investigated the ISMAR conference that Clark listed, which is coming up. 

Clark: Good to attend and present at the ISMAR Conference, which has a wealth of information and is an opportunity to recruit new members for ARIP. 

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