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Subject: Meeting minutes March 24, 2015 taken by Rhonda Truitt

Attendees: Ray Gallon, Stacey Stevens, Charles Cooper, Scott Simmons, Farhad Patel, Rhonda Truitt, Sam Murley
Charles has two sessions in June at Lavacon in Dublin. 
•	Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Technical Communications
•	Experts panel - Postcards from the edge looking back and looking forward.
Farhad will be on a panel for SAE Congress panel about AR in IP in April.
Rhonda has two sessions at STC 
Farhad, Stacey, Sam, and Christine will be at AWE. Rhonda and Charles may go as well.
Glossary sub-team: Excel spreadsheet has been posted on the OASIS ARIP. Stacey will be on vacation from April 18-May 18th. 
Research sub-team: Extracting guidelines, best practices, and pain points, etc. from the candidate interviews so far. All of the research sub-team is reminded that their extractions are due next week. 
We had a great interview with Sam Murley, Atmo.
Farhad will try to interview some of the panelist members at SAE Congress.
OGC Liaison- A lot of peripheral discussion on AR in IP, but Scott said that group is waiting to see what our group does. June 20-24th there will be in another meeting in Dublin with more AR discussion.
Other Business: Sam Murley will give a webinar at a future ARIP meeting on some guidelines and best practices for technical communicators to prepare for an AR Project. 

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