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Subject: ARIP Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2016

1. Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.
• Attendees: Clark, Ray, Charles, David, Christine, Rhonda, Farhad.
• Regrets: Stacey, Scott S, Scott H, Sam M.
• Meeting minutes: Farhad/Rhonda.

2. News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc.
• David will review IEEE papers and provide analysis. 
• Ray attended IT and Education conference in Macedonia, focus around future technologies. He did a presentation on how AR will impact our lives and about the role of AR in education, great deal of buzz among the educators wanting to know more about AR. Where should people, who need more information about AR, look or go to? Discussion ensued about where we should point people who have questions about AR.
• Farhad suggested that maybe we need a landing page on the ARIP website to educate people about AR.
• Rhonda and Christine stated that if we do provide AR information, it needs to be Technical comm. focused.  
• Christine recommended the AREA website as a good resource, open to the public: http://thearea.org/why-ar-enterprise/, http://thearea.org/tag/getting-started/, http://thearea.org/newsletter-archives/
• David suggested creating a FAQ to help educate people about AR. Farhad agreed, definitely something to think about but we need someone to own/drive it.

3. Discuss AREA webinar, storyboards from last research meeting, and corporate branding for AR.  
• On May 19th the AREA will give a Webinar on “Choosing the Best Device for Enterprise Augmented Reality,” Technical communicators need to know what their options are and how to choose the best device. Go to https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7676166036165829633 to register. As discussed on today’s call, there will be no ARIP meeting on Thursday May 19. We will instead attend the webinar instead
• Storyboarding was discussed at the Research Sub-Team meeting 
 o Analyze existing storyboarding templates from corporate members, collect guidelines and best practices that apply to AR (could potentially be used in a storyboard for AR project)
 o Don’t want to reinvent the wheel
• Corporate Branding for AR experiences and also mobile apps
 o Hover vs. overlay 
 o Existing corporate branding can be used but it wasn’t created for AR. 
 o Need to think about things like the splash screen, logo placement
 o Fine line between UI and corporate branding
 o In guidelines need to not state what corporate branding should be- but give suggestions of things to think about that may not be included in existing branding but are special to non-paper technology.
 o Need it for non-paper technology
 o Also, caution that the placement-logo could get in the way of something important
 o Logo could be counter-productive if it is showing up everywhere
 o Instead have a three second splash screen, etc.
 o Need to think about it from a safety perspective as well; if the logo is hiding something important for example
• Recommendation was to create living documents (one for Storyboarding and one for Branding) on ARIP website and people can put their ideas on there- excel spreadsheet or just use the wiki. Later someone can own that and collect for review in meetings.
• Revisit and discuss this during subsequent meetings

4. Sub-team status, information sharing, requests for assistance:
• Glossary sub-team: Put the glossary on the website and let people input their comments. Clark will take a look at it and provide feedback. The glossary will be posted for the team to use and will be a living document. Stacey is managing this while Sally is out.
• Research sub-team: Everyone needs to get their research sub-team spreadsheets filled out and turned into Farhad. They are way past due and this will be the source information for our Best Practices and Guidelines.
• Outreach sub-team: Charles Cooper has volunteered to lead the Out-reach sub team. Any other volunteers? Please respond by April. 

5. Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance
6. Action status from prior weeks
7. Other business
8. Adjourn: Next meeting in 2 weeks on April 21 2016.

Best regards,

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