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Subject: Document: report on meeting with TEKOM

Hi all,

I want to post a report of my meeting, this morning, with the TEKOM standards committee, but I have noticed that ALL our documents are shared with the general public and are available from public web page. I didn’t think that was our intent, so maybe Rhonda or Farad need to review the permissions on the site - right now the public can see our meeting minutes, and everything. We also share all our documents with all of OASIS.

I don’t think my report should be public, and as it’s a small document, I’m attaching it here. However, I think we really need to control access in a more selective way on our home page.

Ray Gallon

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3 impasse de la Gare
34260 St Etienne Estréchoux, FRANCE
+33-6 72 40 37 60


Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)

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