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Subject: ARIP Meeting Minutes – July 14, 2016

1. Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.
•	Attendees: Rhonda, Charles, Ray, Scott S, Clark, Farhad.
•	Regrets: Sally, Stacey, Scott H.
•	Meeting minutes: Farhad

2. News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc.
•	Pokemon Go phenomenon discussion, consumer group in the US has been slow to adopt AR/VR will introduce AR to ordinary people, it will help people understand what AR is. Helps in getting everyone's attention to AR. Nice to have multiple ways to get things done, also demonstrates performing tasks based on proximity, both of these apply to Enterprise use cases.

3. Sub-team status, information sharing, requests for assistance:
•	Glossary sub-team: Stacey and Sally adding terms to the glossary from the literature picked up at AWE. Working with Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler to publish it either as a book or a website. Charles will also talk to Scott about this.
•	Research sub-team: 
o	Huawei working on 3 different AR projects with 3 different Europe based vendors. Two AR experience complete so far, one of them uses object recognition. Rhonda and Farhad have gained a lot of AR experience implementing these projects. ARIP members will interview them for Research sub-team. Aug 5th works best for team to conduct this interview.
o	Once the spreadsheets are complete all future work will be done by all members of ARIP team (meaning not restricted to ARIP Research sub team anymore).
o	Plan is to publish at least a draft version of the guidelines by end of this year. 
o	All members to provide feedback on the draft TOC by next Thursday, updated version of TOC will be discussed in next ARIP meeting. 
•	Outreach sub-team:  
o	Charles has blogged about ARIP in LavaCon and LocWorld. Presentations are available respective websites.  
o	July/Aug issue of STC Intercom magazine will have a guest column on AR Standards written by Christine.  

4. Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance
•	European Tech Com/STC (Ray): Tekom members interested in joining ARIP. Possible candidates are members of both Tekom and OASIS. Ray will publicize ARIP charter to garner additional interest. OASIS members can look at charter directly from our web page.
•	OGC (Scott S): All quiet on OCG front during summer. December meeting in Taiwan might generate interesting AR topics. 

5. Action status from prior weeks

6. Other business

7. Adjourn: Next meeting in 2 weeks on July 28 2016.

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