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Subject: Re: [arip] No ARIP meeting tomorrow; AR webinar instead

Thanks Farhad, this does sound interesting. I was anyways going to send regrets for today because of a conflict that could not be moved.
I assume if I register for the webinar and don't attend, I will get access to a recording?
Also for next ARIP meeting, I wanted to suggest that we should try and piggyback on the heated Pokémon Go debate (if it's still heated 2 weeks from now 😉). I believe it's the first time AR made it into general media for non-geeks but the image the general media and social networks are painting must be scary for most..
Cheers dF

On Jul 27, 2016 17:42, "Mr. Farhad Patel" <farhad.patel@huawei.com> wrote:
Hello ARIP team,
There is no ARIP meeting tomorrow. Instead please plan on attending a webinar on AR Studies, Surveys and Technical Reports hosted by AREA. Here is the link for more information and to register if you're interested:

Our next ARIP meeting will be on August 11th.

Best Regards,
Farhad Patel...

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