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Subject: Meeting minutes from ARIP call 10/6/2016

Attendees: David Filip, Sally Martir, George Standifer, Farhad Patel, Rhonda Truitt, Scott Hudson, Stacey Stevens.
• George Standifer - new ARIP member intro. George is a PhD student at Iowa State studying AR and techcomm. He's looking for knowledge/people to help understand AR in techcomm as there is no research.
• David brought up topic of AR metadata. Is this a priority for the TC? When can the TC start looking into this?
• David is not working on anything specific related to metadata right now, he's try to reuse established metadata.
• Maybe define metadata as an abstract category. For example, 'Translate' data category is a Boolean Y/N. Similarly, AR metadata could also be Y/N. 
• We don't need a big set of metadata categories for AR. We can take a modular approach and do it piecemeal. 
• Scott and Rhonda suggested to have a sub-committee to start work on this. 
• David has set up a Wiki to collect category ideas and invite people to add more categories. If we have traction on the Wiki then we can start the Metadata sub-committee.
• Link to Wiki: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/arip/ARMetadataCats
• Link to W3 Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) Version 2.0: http://www.w3.org/TR/its20/
• Rhonda: this could be helpful in our guidelines as well.
• Scott: this could be done in parallel so as not to impact the main activities of the TC.
• Rhonda & Farhad: Resource contention needs to be taken into account.
• Glossary sub-committee update: Writing a 'Language of' book for AR Glossary, 52 terms (one term/week), 2 pages per term. 
• Sally: The Glossary book does not make much money, any money it does make will go into ARIP costs . Everyone in our team will be defining a term and non-ARIP members will add terms too. We are in the stage of getting 52 people matched up with 52 terms.
• Farhad: How will  you do the matching?
• Sally: We have a master list of terms. I will approach each person individually to see what they would like to define. For example, Christine has already defined AR so she would be the best person to define AR. 
• Rhonda: Let people pick a term they are really comfortable with.
• Research sub-committee: Farhad – no update, we should focus on developing the ARIP guidelines.
• ARIP Guidelines TOC: Rhonda talked and showed the ARIP Guidelines. We don’t have enough volunteers yet. Rhonda has set up a relationship with UNT Advanced Techcomm class. The class professor is a member of the STC Dallas Chapter. Her class agreed to take the interviews with AR experts and plug them into a word document and begin the writing for us. So different people from ARIP TC can take the section they own and add to it. This will at least give us a starting point and a bit of a jump. Rhonda will try to get the dates from UNT of when they can give us a draft.
• George also volunteered to find applicable agents from IA State to help if we let him know what we need. 
• The ARIP Guidelines are posted on the ARIP website, anyone who has not signed up for a section or co-write a section please look over and volunteer. 
• Scott volunteered for Content Development section (row 61 to 74). 
• Scott: is the list flexible,  can we modify/delete sections? 
• Rhonda: it should be close to the same but any proposed changes should be brought up to the team for discussion.
• Scott also volunteered to write parts of the Analysis section: Content, Technology, User, and Who is the ideal end-user?
• Rhonda will get the template from Chet. We will call this a guideline not a standard.
• Scott: DITA TC has a number of white papers to look for example content. Here is a good example of a  what a Committee Note could look like: http://docs.oasis-open.org/dita/dita-1.3-why-three-editions/v1.0/dita-1.3-why-three-editions-v1.0.html
• Here  is an example of a standard from David: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xliff/xliff-core/v2.0/os/xliff-core-v2.0-os.html
• Stacey is working with the VR team (Community of Practice) at Boeing. She’s working with the leaders to include AR as well. 
• Ben Thompson from Boeing will do Media Development section for the ARIP Guidelines. 
• Updated Guidelines TOC available on the ARIP website.

Best Regards,

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