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Subject: WS-Addressing resources

While I wait to get better contact with the 3 bodies behind this here are
some links.

Firstly, the link to the WS-Addressing proposal:

The next link is a upbeat piece on IBM and Microsoft WS push inc standards

This is an internal newsfeed I have had to cut and paste. Interesting bits
in BOLD.

 New Era In Web Services -- Microsoft's Gates, IBM's Mills say new protocols
will drive e-business September 22nd, 2003 Computer Reseller News
Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates and IBM Software
Group Executive Steve Mills shared the stage in New York last week to prove
that the next generation of Web services protocols will enable e-business.
Gates said the upcoming advanced WS-Security, WS-Reliable Messaging and
WS-Transaction protocols will help pave the way for the e-business
relationships that many dot-com vendors had hyped-but not achieved-during
the late 1990s.  "That rich, new layer will take Web services to a new
level. ... We hope to see implementation in [Microsoft] .Net and [IBM]
WebSphere," Gates said. "People talked about e-commerce for a long time, but
the software infrastructure wasn't there. These [protocols] are the
infrastructure pieces that will lead to an explosion in Web services."  The
first set of foundational Web service protocols-XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI-are
currently embedded in Windows and WebSphere. But the New York demonstration
of the advanced Web services protocols proved vendor interoperability and
showed their application in a real-world supply chain, said Gates and Mills,
who is senior vice president and group executive of the IBM Software Group.
"In simplest terms, the code works," Gates said. "The hard part is behind
us."  Microsoft's Visual Studio and Windows platforms and IBM's WebSphere
platform will eventually support the advanced Web services protocols, but at
this point it's not clear when they will do so. Gates told CRN that he
expects some portions of the next-generation protocols to be "implemented in
[Microsoft] tools over the next nine months."  During the briefing, however,
neither Gates nor Mills could say when the advanced protocol specifications
would be formally adopted or which standards body would handle them.  "We're
still evaluating that," Gates said. "WS-Security went to OASIS, [so] that's
a possibility. No decision has been made."  The demonstration by Microsoft
and IBM was a good move and showed that they realize they still have a lot
to prove to customers that invested in new technology and got burned during
the heyday of the dot-coms, said Joanne Morin Correia, a software analyst at
research firm Dataquest.  "Security and trust are the biggest inhibitors to
Web services," she said. "The attitude in the market is much more [toward],
'Show me.' "  ---  The Next Generation  Advanced Web services protocols to
fill in e-business gaps  WS-Security: Addresses issues of authentication,
single sign-on and federation  WS-Reliable Messaging: Ensures that Web
services are sent and received on each end of a transaction  WS-Transaction:
Organizes, manages transaction processes across different company networks
and multivendor environments		

Jon Calladine
Web Services Integration Manager
Integration Infrastructure
BT Exact

Tel: 01732 475445 (Direct Dial)
MeetMe: 0870 2412996. Participants Passcode: 6611646#

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