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Subject: Minutes from Sep 23

OASIS Asynchronous Service Access Protocol Technical Committee

Minutes of Meeting September 23, 2003

     1. Review status of liason efforts
             1. Calladine raised Microsoft/IBM recent announcements and
                how they might affect ASAP. Silverstein will introduce
                Calladine to Evdemon in order to investigate further.
             2. Swenson has written an article that mentions ASAP. He
                will post specifics to list.
     2. Vote to approve or reject submission as working draft
             1. Swenson moved and Silverstein seconded. Ballot to be
                posted on website for vote by next meeting
     3. Establish method of discussing and voting on working draft in
        sections OR establish method of creating working draft
             1. Calladine raised issue of minimum specification. 
             2. Shenfield wants a list of scoped issues. 
             3. Consensus is to address the draft with a bottom up list
                of questions.
             4. Most discussion should be held on the mailing list.
                Contentious items should be flagged for discussion on
                the conference calls.
     4. Should the draft be released if approved?
             1. Shenfield and Silverstein felt the document should not
                be released in its current state
             2. Swenson felt that the publication of the spec is
                important to gaining participation 
             3. Consensus is not to release the document until scope
                issues are firmly resolved
     5. Chairman's expressed intent 
             1. Next two weeks should be spent on scope, to include
                minimum requirements
             2. This committee should publish something every thirty
                days; goal is to get the draft spec out within this time
             3. Liaisons should exercise discretion in releasing the
                current document
     6. Adjourn

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