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Subject: Header-focused design

My initial objective was to get a version 1.0 out by January with as
little change to the existing draft as possible. The draft is
functional, after all and something is always better than nothing. Over
the past month, however, I have been torn because I believe their may be
a need to fundamentally rewrite ASAP. 

The purpose of ASAP is to allow a service to respond to request much
longer than 60 seconds. The meat of an ASAP conversation is the
ContextData and the ResultsData (see current draft). These elements are
so buried within the current structure that they appear ancillary. 

I have been doing some heavy work in location-based services lately, and
I have found that it is far better for location-based services to put
all of the location-based routing information in the SOAP header and
make no assumptions whatsoever about the SOAP body. 

Why wouldn't this be true for ASAP? Is it possible to place all
necessary ASAP information in the SOAP-headers and leave the context
data and the result data the sole contents of the SOAP-body?


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