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Subject: Re: [asap] Header-focused design

While headers are great for interoperability and extensibility
and allow header-handlers to manage requests
a lot of the specification covers operations.

Imagining how we'd write up the WSDL and invoke the SOAP method,
I can understand why the current specification provides different
body SOAP methods for each operation
though they may fit essentially the same structure.

On Nov 2, 2003, at 6:58 PM, Jeffrey Ricker wrote:

> My initial objective was to get a version 1.0 out by January with as
> little change to the existing draft as possible. The draft is
> functional, after all and something is always better than nothing. Over
> the past month, however, I have been torn because I believe their may  
> be
> a need to fundamentally rewrite ASAP.
> The purpose of ASAP is to allow a service to respond to request much
> longer than 60 seconds. The meat of an ASAP conversation is the
> ContextData and the ResultsData (see current draft). These elements are
> so buried within the current structure that they appear ancillary.
> I have been doing some heavy work in location-based services lately,  
> and
> I have found that it is far better for location-based services to put
> all of the location-based routing information in the SOAP header and
> make no assumptions whatsoever about the SOAP body.
> Why wouldn't this be true for ASAP? Is it possible to place all
> necessary ASAP information in the SOAP-headers and leave the context
> data and the result data the sole contents of the SOAP-body?
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