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Subject: Minutes 2003.11.04

Attendees: Fuller, Krishnan, Ricker, Shenfield

1. Press release
The official press release will be going out this week announcing the
technical committee. Any one who is in a sponsor-level company that
wants a quote in the press release should contact me right away.

2. Open source implementation
Fuller has led the charge and has established EasyAsap on SourceForge
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/easyasap). This is a C++ effort based
on EasySoap. It was agreed to create a separate Java project on
sourceforge and publish the links to the two of them on the ASAP site
right away. Consensus is to base the Java project on Axis.

3. Minimum requirements
"Ideally, ASAP would only have to add one additional element to SOAP."
The group agreed with this statement. Ricker will publish a list of
minimum requirements to the list this week. 

Discussed the example Ricker posted to the list. Group agreed to employ
WSDL 2.0. Fuller said that GRID faced many of the same binding issues
and these were included in version 2.0. 

5. Header-focused architecture.
Shenfield's and Krishnan's experiences with webservice design
corroborate with Ricker's: the SOAP header is the best place for control
markup. Need to reassess the design of the specification. Also need to
decide whether to publish the existing draft now and a header-focused

6. Pattern language
Ricker introduced the concept of an "asynchronous service pattern".
Positive response from group. Will flesh out more details.

Next conference call on November 18.

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