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Subject: Factory in ASAP

So far I have been thinking we need just only one factory for ASAP 
implementation or
the implementation of services could be conveniently placed under one 
logical ASAP factory.
I have two web services one is check inventory, shipping. Why do I need to 
two ASAP factory? I think the ASAP pattern  is generic enough, it can just 
have one factory.
[In terms of WSDL 1.2 we could map this to one ASAP (soap/transport 
protocol) binding and one feature)]
Is that a right assumption?

At 11:35 AM 11/4/2003 -0500, Jeffrey Ricker wrote:
>I have attached files for describing the current draft of ASAP in WSDL.
>These are rough draft documents that have not been proofed.
>The asap.xsd describes the payloads
>The asap.wsdl is the basis for all ASAP services
>The concept here is to treat ASAP as a binding. The message structures
>are all the same, the programmer only has to define the ContextData and
>the ResultsData elements.
>The checkInventory.wsdl and productLevel.xsd files provide an example of
>this ASAP-as-a-binding approach.
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