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Subject: from the OMA TP meeting in London, UK

or rather from the pub at Hilton Metropole where the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) TP is going on :)

This week I am attending OMA TP meetings in UK and went for drinks and chat with MWS people from Microsoft and IBM. When discussing async web services I mentioned OASIS ASAP and asked why they ignore it. They replied that both companies are concerned that there are already 3 OASIS groups that refer to async services in the specs (WSRM, CAF, WSBPEL) and as their specs are close to completion they're afraid that ASAP will either reinvent the wheel or go in the opposite direction.

I think it is a very good point and we should first carefully analyze all AWS related references in other OASIS specs before issuing working draft or defining scope, etc. Typically this is done through liaison reports or F2F meetings for review and discussion. Unless we go through this exercise, I don't think we can count on wide adoption of ASAP given the small size of the group and lack of participation from industry heavyweights. I propose to have a F2F meeting (2 days) on the second week of December and resolve the major issues. I can host the meeting in my Toronto office but would prefer iWay to host it in NYC so I'll have a chance to meet my former IBI/iWay peers :)


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