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Subject: RE: [asap] Minimum requirements

Title: RE: [asap] Minimum requirements

To keep the terminology straight, I will continue with "context" and "result" for the time being.

The completed message is a message sent from the instance back to the observer.  By convention, the interchange is initiated by a "request" from the intance to the observer, and the observer sends back a response (but in this case the response is unimportant).  The "result" data is carried in the "request" from the instance to the observer.  Remember calls can go both directions between the resources.

There are two lifecycles.  One is the span of the entire asynchronous service.  The other is the individual SOAP exchanges.  You have one SOAP exchange to start the asynch service, any number of exchanges to monitor and control, and at least one exchange at the end.  Inside each SOAP exchange there are messages that are marked "request" and "response" -- this is clear and well adopted.  But the other lifecycle, that of the asynch service, extends well beyond the life of a single SOAP exchange, and the SOAP exchanges can go in both directions.  For this reason, it will be too confusing if we use the same terms for the long term asynch service. We should use something different.


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From: Jeffrey Ricker [mailto:ricker@izartech.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 7:33 AM
Subject: RE: [asap] Minimum requirements

> (2)
> Data should NOT be request data and response data.  Why?  The
> "response data" gets sent as part of a "request" to the observer.
> Request and Response are concepts deeply enshrined in a particular
> interaction.  The concept of context and result is completely
> different, and it will be way too confusing.

[Ricker] The response gets sent as part of the request? What?!?

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