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Subject: Notes from ConCall, Nov 18

Title: Notes from ConCall, Nov 18

Jeffrey Ricker, Izar Tech
Keith Swenson, FSW
Nirav Shah, Iopsis
Jonathan Calladine, BT
?? (sorry did not get the name)
Mike De Nicola, FSW
Javin Ross(?), CA

Header/Body discussion.  Hard to discussion without seeing the proposal fleshed out.

Term "Factory": Can't think of anything better than this, maybe just "service". Put it to a vote on the site.

Face 2 Face: proposed Florida and Philadelphia week of Dec 8.  No one on the call could attend.

Demo: 6 months.  Seems like a demo is the right idea.  July Catalyst (Burton?) might be a venue.  Who would participate?: maybe CA, Maybe Lockheed.

Open Source: Is AXIS the right approach for Java?  Might be.  Started from RPC approach, some of the messaging oriented methods do not have code behind them.

Web services interoperability - WS-I - discussions on standardizing asynch messaging.

Keith D Swenson, kswenson@fsw.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
3055 Orchard Dr.  San Jose, CA, 95134
(408) 456-7667   mobile: (408) 859-1005

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