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Subject: last conference call

I apologize for having missed our last call due to my attendance at the 
SuperComputing 2003
conference in Phoenix.

While I was there I approached Steve Tueke of Argonne National Labs and 
the OGSI specification
about our work here given the similarities between grid services and 
asynchronous web services in general.
(In early messages here I've provided links to the OGSI specification, 
but attach it here for accessibility.
  The factory and service instance concepts are there, though handle 
resolution is explicit there
   and observation is explicit here


as well as Dr. Andrew Grimshaw, another prominent member of the Global 
Grid Forum
(who seemed to remember Keith :) )

 From the Global Grid Forum, it's clear some parties have an interest in 
refactoring so that
grid service specifications can sit on top of web service 
specifications that can handle
the required functionality.

A Grid Application Framework based on Web Services Specifications and Practices v1.0.pdf

 From my perspective it would be nice to write as little code as 
possible to support the
same functionality, so it's my hope they will join us in our work.

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