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Subject: Fwd: [ogsi-wg] ASAP, WS-Resource

Begin forwarded message:

From: David Snelling <d.snelling@fle.fujitsu.com>
Date: February 2, 2004 5:40:20 AM CST
To: John Fuller <jfuller@wernervas.com>, <ogsi-wg@gridforum.org>, "ASAP (E-mail)" <asap@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: Re: [ogsi-wg] ASAP, WS-Resource


This may bounce on the ASAP list.

On 30/1/04 14:57, "John Fuller" <jfuller@wernervas.com> wrote:

If I read the WS-Resource documents correctly, if our factory were to
be a WS-Resource factory, should our current communication of URIs be
replaced with WS-Addressing endpoint references?

Yes, would be my immediate answer. There are two bits of information
necessary from a factory: the address of the WS and some way to identify the
resource pertinent to the message. WS-Addressing is an existing, well
understood and available (if not yet standard) way to package this
information, along with lots of other information.

... If this structure is useful, I suppose
another concern is whether
our document working within a standards body should build on a
specification that hasn't been submitted to a standards body.

Ultimately, this is one we will need to address with WSRF too. The more
groups that can put pressure on the WSA authors, the better, but is must be
the decision of your working group.

If we use WS-Resource, to what extent should we replace our existing

I would move carefully here. WSRF is not yet completely stable, but there
has been a lot of discussion on the language and terminology. I believe most
of it will remain fairly stable.

Our document already uses the term "resource properties" for the
factory, observer, instance (and activity), should their properties
be expressed as ResourceProperties?

Intuitively I would say yes, but I don't know what your "resource
properties" actually are.

Since we define the observer role anyway, should we use WS-Notification
for our state changes? For our completion request?
Again, there's a bit of added complexity with Topic spaces and the
associated expression language, and additional roles to potentially
support in the publish-subscribe model...

If you find WS-Notification too complex, please send us more details. You
may not be alone in this view.

I'm working on a C++ open source implementation of ASAP, and I know
Globus is working on a WS-Resource implementation. It would be nice to
collaborate as possible in light of the additional functionality and
infrastructure potentially required with WS-Resource.

You should direct the C++ question to the Globus team (www.globus.org). I
don't know their specific plans wrt C++. I do know that the initial priority
will be with a Java platform, but beyond that you will need to ask.


Take care:

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