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Subject: Re: [asap] concall jan 20

Hi Everyone,
What is the Concall number to Dial in today?
Best Regards,
Nirav Shah
Senior Manager - Solutions
Iopsis Software, Inc.
+1 (650) 610-9001 (805) - Office
+1 (650) 610-9002 - Fax

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----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 3:34 AM
Subject: [asap] concall jan 20

Tuesday 10am Pacific time
ConCall #1 dial in 512 225-3050 -
Part 89772#

Keith D Swenson, kswenson@fsw.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
3055 Orchard Dr.  San Jose, CA, 95134
(408) 456-7667   mobile: (408) 859-1005


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