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Subject: ASAP / WfXML Protocol "Tester" pages

Attached is a mockup of what I would expect the ASAP/Wf-XML 2.0 testing application would look like.  Unzip the attached archive into a directory.  It is only HTML files, so nothing is active, but the pages are linked together so you can get the feeling of how it would work.
The first page you either enter the URL of a factory, or a WfXML repository.  If you choose the latter it brings you to a list of factories, and you select one.  So you have two ways to get to the factory page, which lists factory details, and includes a form for entering context data values.  Submitting this creates a services instance.  The test application will remember all the instances that it creates (probably automatically deleting them after several days so they don't pile up).  The test application has a web address that it can receive completed messages.  There is a page that lists all the instances that have been created by this applications, and indicates which ones have received completed messages.  Finally there is an instance detail page that show the current context values for a given instance (by retrieving it using GetProperties) and show a list of notifications that have been received.
It would be pretty easy for a JSP programmer to code these.  I am still looking for someone to manage this development.  I estimate a few days of development time is needed.
In the mean time, take a look at these and circulate comments.

Keith D Swenson, kswenson@fsw.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6276   mobile: (408) 859-1005



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