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Subject: fyi and discussion

I've moved the schema file and wsdl-in-progress out to

to give them a home people can get to in the short run
(ex: to validate wsdl that imports the schema, etc)

I'm open to suggestions about how to setup the directory structure,
(ex: versioning, etc) and certainly open to help with the documents 


As we discussed earlier, Observer, Factory, Instance (and Activity) are 
different roles that could be used by the same service/application.
Unless we assume each role has its own URI, a web service would need a 
structure that contains 0-1 of each the resource property groups rather 
than a choice between them as we currently represent.

Right now, I think we should assume that each role for a service has 
its own URI
so that when an observer tries to set or request properties we return 
just the set that
belong to that URI.  In the specification each role is treated as a 
different resource, anyway so this makes sense, implementers just need 
to remember that they implicitly need to provide their own mappings.

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