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Subject: Re: fyi and discussion

The WSDL at sourceforge is now valid.


Currently in I set the soapAction in the bindings to the target 
namespace path / resource type / operation name
and currently I'm using http://www.oasis-open.org/asap/0.9/asap for the 
target namespace path,
like the original schema submission.


I provided two examples from my locally hosted demonstration.
A nice way to view them is to go to


and give the analyzer the urls:



The first is my factory, the second is my observer.

On Feb 27, 2004, at 2:27 PM, John Fuller wrote:

> I've moved the schema file and wsdl-in-progress out to
> 	http://easyasap.sourceforge.net/
> to give them a home people can get to in the short run
> (ex: to validate wsdl that imports the schema, etc)
> I'm open to suggestions about how to setup the directory structure,
> (ex: versioning, etc) and certainly open to help with the documents 
> themselves.
> ***
> As we discussed earlier, Observer, Factory, Instance (and Activity) 
> are different roles that could be used by the same 
> service/application.
> Unless we assume each role has its own URI, a web service would need a 
> structure that contains 0-1 of each the resource property groups 
> rather than a choice between them as we currently represent.
> Right now, I think we should assume that each role for a service has 
> its own URI
> so that when an observer tries to set or request properties we return 
> just the set that
> belong to that URI.  In the specification each role is treated as a 
> different resource, anyway so this makes sense, implementers just need 
> to remember that they implicitly need to provide their own mappings.

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