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Subject: Conference call Tuesday Mar 30

ASAP TC Members


Our regularly scheduled conference call is coming up again tomorrow. I will log in as moderator as Keith is traveling.


Here are the call in details:


time: Mar 30, 10:am pacific, 1pm eastern, 6pm GMT

call: +1 866 897 2934 for toll free access within US, international visitors use +1 205 354 0293.

room number: *6232329*




* update on open source implementation: has John Fuller hooked his server up to Jeff Cohen's client?
* update on spec: Mayilraj Krishnan offered to update it to account for input received.
* update on demo scenario: has Justin Brunt made any progress?
* update on participant brochure: has Moshe Silverstein made any progress?

* update on demo machine: dsl line ready, machine almost ready, Jeff should come install next week.


 Hope to hear from you all at 10am.


Sameer Pradhan, sameerp@us.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6207


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