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Subject: Minutes of Conf Call Apr 14th.

Title: RE: Re moving Apr 13 conf call to Apr 14

Minutes of Conf Call Apr 14th.


  • John Fuller
  • Mayilraj Krishnan
  • Ash Parikh
  • Mark Peel
  • Sameer Pradhan


  • John Fuller's server is available online. Only thing missing is GetProperties for the Factory. This is stopping Jeff Cohen's client (which needs the context data schema to be returned from Factory.GetProperties) from talking to John's server. John has started a discussion on the forum titled "issues", where he has proposed distinct method names (GetFactoryProperties, GetInstanceProperties, etc.) We need to get closure on this issue, so that we can close the loop on the interop between the .NET client and the open source server.
  • Mayilraj Krishnan gave update on the spec revision work. He will distribute the updated spec before the next conf call on Apr 27.
  • We will have a separate doc for the WSDL binding. It should not be included in the spec. Jeff Cohen has already done work in this area. It needs to be finalized. We should work on this as soon as the spec revision is done. The goal is to finish this by May 25.
  • Demo scenario. We have the .bmp for the ASAP demo process and the schema for the context and result data. It is not yet clear how this scenario will map to ASAP messages. We need to describe the scenario in terms of Factories, Instances, Observers, and ASAP messages between them.
  • No update available on Participant Brochure.
  • We need to move the discussions on State, GetProperties and Filters forward, towards closure.


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