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Subject: notes from conference call, May 11


1. Attached is the latest demo document.  We have example XML for the demo scema, and we have sample XML for each of the messages involved in the message exchange.  Using these message samples one should be able to verify that your client is working correctly, without having to have other client/server available.

2. Participants are starting to sign up for the actual demo now.  Participant information and application form now available at:

3. Venue for demonstration is BrainStorm BPM conference,

4. Progress:
4.1:  demo client calls Fujitsu, Fujitsu returns message to client, client gets null pointer exception
4.2:  demo client calls OpenASAP, last we tried the request body was empty. That has been fixed so we will try again.
Demo client was not available at the time of meeting, so we need to investigate why it disappeared.
5. Dates and Milestones


Keith D Swenson, kswenson@us.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6276 mobile: (408) 859-1005


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