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Subject: BPMInstitute RoundTable (web conference) on ASAP and Wf-XML

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At 11am Pacific, 2pm EDT, immediately after our ASAP/WG4 team conference call will be this webinar on ASAP and Wf-XML.  This is a good opportunity to give others in your organization an introduction to the basic concepts behind ASAP and Wf-XML 2.0.
- Keith 


Dear  ASAP Committee Member:


You are invited to the upcoming BPMInstitute.org Roundtable to hear expert insights and to share ideas on BPM! 


Topic:     BPM Standards Overview: Wf-XML 2.0 & ASAP

Date:     Tuesday, May 25

Time:     2pm EST

Where:  Online at BPMInstitute.org

Cost:     Complimentary for Members


Featuring: Keith Swenson, WfMC Wf-XML WG Chair


    Sponsored  by:                 





ASAP is a web services protocol that can be used to access a generic service that might take a long time to complete - for example services that last from minutes to months in duration.  The service being invoked might be fully automated, a manual task that a person performs, or any mixture of the two.  This capability to handle both automated and manual activities is what makes ASAP particularly suited for B2B and intra-organizational service request scenarios. 


Wf-XML 2.0, from the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) extends this to include BPM & workflow interchange capabilities.  A business process engine is a special type of asynchronous service: it has the ability to be started, to involve people in that process, and to complete some time later.  One BPM engine can be easily linked to another BPM engine using Wf-XML.  Wf-XML extends ASAP by including the ability to retrieve the process definition, and to monitor the current state of a running process instance.


Please join us for a comprehensive preview of the ASAP/Wf-XML 2.0 web protocol demo.  


This RoundTable is approximately 45 minutes long and requires registration in advance.  To register,  visit: http://www.bpminstitute.org/roundtables/index.html


The live ASAP/Wf-XML 2.0 web protocol demonstration will take place at BrainStorm's Business Process Management Conference in San Francisco, June 22-23, both in front of an audience and online with observers around the world.



Gregg V. Rock






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